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Our Gorgeous "Schumi"


"Mr No Name"

A picture tells a thousand words.

These pictures in itself are just heartbreaking, but seeing him in real life is just terrible.

He spent 3 days in ICU, 29 kilos and very anaemic. When he was found he was unfortunately fed a huge amount which caused his stomach to overreact and made him very sick. So everything has been very slow, small meals 4x a day, very bland food and lots of rest.

For those of you that have donated, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. It has been amazing and made me realise just how much some people and organisations really do care.

Update: Unfortunately the news is not good, Schumi began vomiting and stopped eating. When we took him to the vets they diagnosed a UTI but we felt there was something else going on for this boy to be unwell once again when we were doing so many good things for him. He had an ultrasound on Friday the 4th and this was when they found his stomach cancer :( we felt it was in the best interests of this incredible boy who had fought so hard all his life to let him go. He went peacefully that night with myself, Carla (foster carer) and Cat & Seven (Zeros Animal Rescue Fund) giving him lots of cuddles and kisses.

Once again THANK YOU to all those people and organisations who have donated to this boys cause. He had an amazing 3 weeks with us, and that would not have happened without the love and support from all of you!



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