Foster Carer Application Form

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The Rottweiler Rescue of WA (RRWA), along with many other rescue organisations would not be able to function without the help and support of foster carers. Fostering a dog can be extremely rewarding and at times challenging. A foster carer is a person/family that looks after a rescue dog in their home environment until such time as a suitable, permanent home is found for the dog. They provide food, shelter and care for the dog, and work alongside the rescue groups to save these dogs from being put to sleep in pounds or unsuitable homes. We acknowledge that a home setting is the best place for these dogs to be, and we are committed to providing our rescue dogs with the best chance at a successful rehoming.



Address:    City, Postcode:

Home phone:         Work Phone:         Mobile:   

Email Address:

What is your age bracket?: Under 18      18 - 30 years      31 - 40 years      41 - 50 years      51+ years

What is your preferred method of contact?:

Why do you want to become a foster carer for RRWA?:

Have you cared for a Rottweiler previously: Yes     No
If yes, please give details?  


Spouse/Partners Name (if applicable):

How many adults live in your household?:      How many children?:
(Over 18 years)

What are the ages of the children in your household?:

Are all family members willing to care for a foster dog?:    Yes    No
If no, please give details: 


Do you currently live in:   House    Apartment     Acreage    Other
If other, please give details: 

Do you own or rent?:    Own    Rent

Describe the living area that will be made available to the foster dog (also please include access to house and yard details):

Do you have a fenced yard?: Yes     No
If yes - How high?      What material?:


What pets are currently living in the home (number, type, breed, age, sex)?:

What pets have you previously owned and what happened to them?:

Are all your pets currently vaccinated?:    Yes    No
If no, please give details: 

Are all your pets castrated or speyed?:    Yes    No
If no, please give details: 

Who is your veterinarian?:    Phone:


Do you have experience with, or are you willing to learn about fostering dogs whom may suffer from extreme shyness, anxiety, fear of objects or people, blindness, deafness or those recovering from surgery?:    Yes    No

If yes, please give details: 

Will the foster dog be allowed in the house?:    Yes    No

Where will the foster dog sleep?:

What amount of time will the foster dog be alone of a typical day?:

Weekdays:   hours

Weekends:   hours

Where will the foster dog be kept when alone?:

Are you familiar with crate training?:    Yes    No

Are you willing to crate train or learn how to crate train the foster dog?:    Yes    No

It is likely that small disagreements are going to occur when bringing a new dog into your home where there are already dogs or cats existing. There can be fear or anxiety and you must be willing to work with your new dog and existing pets during the transition (with our help) over what could be days or weeks. Are you willing to make this commitment?:    Yes    No

How long are you willing to care for a dog placed in your home?:
1 Week    2 - 4 Weeks      6 - 8 Weeks    12 Weeks +    Unlimited

Do you have your own car?:    Yes    No

Are you able to transport your foster dog to veterinary appointments, the shelter or adoption events given a reasonable amount of notice?:
Yes    No


I certify that the information I have provided on this form is true, correct and accurate. I understand that my electronically generated signature [below] is valid as a means of legal signature for the purpose of this adoption application.




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